Pro Bono

Our team of lawyers encourages pro bono work by participating with the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires in pursuit of Public Interest. Assuming the commitment to provide free legal services to people of scarce resources, vulnerable sectors or groups, microentrepreneurs and social organizations. For this reason we actively participate in legal aid commissions.

Será Justicia
We are active members of the organization Será Justicia together with colleagues in the profession who aspire to represent an opinion of interest to promote proper professional practice and independence of the Judiciary Power as guarantor of the rights established in the Constitution.

Fundación RAP
We are part of the Network of Political Action by which we contribute to the formation and strengthening of the political leadership in Argentina from a true republican spirit, a vocation to strengthen the institutional framework and a set of values, principles and shared behaviors . We joined the Foundation for Political RAP to engage in issues related to public affairs and make a contribution to the country from a non-partisan environment.