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Dr. (CP) Jorge Gebhardt, is currently Director of the Tax Department of Aguirre Saravia & Gebhardt Abogados SRL.

He has been Managing Partner of the Tax Division of Ernst & Young for fifteen years.

Active member of the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies, he has participated in numerous congresses of International Taxation, emphasizing his performance as rapporteur for Argentina at the Congress held in Berlin, 2000; panelist at the Congress of Rome (2010). He has also been rapporteur for Argentina at the Congress of the Latin American Institute of Tax Law (ILADT) in the city of Lima (1993). He has been a panelist at the IFA Regional Congress 2010 in Buenos Aires.

He is Associate Professor of Theory and Tax Technician I in the degree course of Public Accountants in the UBA (Economic Sciences) and holder of the Seminar III of the Postgraduate in Taxation of the UBA (Economic Sciences); He is also Visiting Professor at the Graduate Studies in Taxation from the University of Belgrano, Mar del Plata, the Professional Council of Economic Sciences (CABA) and Master in Business Law at the University of San Andrés.

He is the author of several books on taxation among which are: Income tax (. in collaboration with Drs Reig and Malvitano); Tax on minimum presumed income and personal property tax, in all cases of Editorial Errepar.

Permanent collaborator column International Tax Law Doctrine of the journal Tax (Errepar) and author of numerous articles in his field.